3 ingredient smoothies!!!!!

orange juice, frozen mango, and banana

I have been working on this post for a long time.  I drink a smoothie almost everyday, but actually following my recipes to make sure all of them are in fact delicious has been a challenge.  I like to create something new everyday, and I often use a lot more than just 3 ingredients.

dates, pineapple, frozen mixed berries

Here are my favorite 3 ingredient smoothies!  Most of them are winter-friendly, relying heavily on frozen fruits.  The smoothies I love the most are listed first, and then are some other good ones.

Tips before making these smoothies:

  1. If dates are included, use them sparingly, especially if you have never tried them.  I recommend using between 2 and 5, depending on the size of your smoothie.  They are also very calorie dense for being so small.  I love them, but many others do not.  If only a couple are used for a large smoothie, the taste is not easily detected.
  2. Use about 1 or 2 handfuls of greens when needed.
  3. Unless you have a really, really good blender, blend dates and/or greens first with a little water to get them totally blended before adding other ingredients.
  4. Fruits like mango, banana, and/or pineapple should account for the bulk of the smoothie in these recipes.
  5. Use ripe, spotty bananas with no green left for best taste and digestion!
  6. If you like bananas on their own but not in smoothies, try adding them after all the other ingredients have been blended.  Blend for only a short time.  This really helped me.  Freezing them ahead of time also makes a big difference in taste after blending
  7. I use water (and sometimes a little coconut water) to liquify my smoothies, but plant milks can be used as well.
spinach, frozen mango, and banana

my top 4 combos:

spinach, frozen mango, and banana

coconut water, dates, and banana

frozen mango, spinach, and dates

frozen mixed berries, fresh orange juice, and banana

coconut water, dates, and banana

more favorites:

dates, frozen pineapple, frozen mixed berries

strawberries (fresh or frozen), spinach, and banana

kale, coconut water, and banana

fresh orange juice, frozen mango, and banana

frozen mixed berries, orange juice, and banana

other ideas:

pineapple, frozen mango, and kale

blueberries (fresh or frozen), spinach, and frozen mango

banana, frozen mixed berries, and pineapple (fresh or frozen)



I hope these smoothie ideas will inspire you to drink smoothies, try new things, and create your own combinations.  If you make any of these or have a 3 ingredient smoothie recipe to share, please let me know in the comments!  Thanks 🙂