acne on a high-carb, low-fat diet and face mask recipes

I have been extremely busy with school this past month and a half.  April consisted of contsant studying for AP tests, and May has been filled with events.  Not one week has gone by without an AP test or some sort of ceremony, concert, or convocation, and the hecticness continues with a banquet and a luncheon, two more concerts, another ceremony or two, finals, and, finally, graduation.  After that my life will be overrun with parties, travel, and college preparation.

While all this craziness can be fun and exciting, it is also, at times, very stressful.  For me, with stress comes acne.  I recently posted about all of the health problems I cured on a vegan diet, and acne is one of the few problems that did not get better as a vegan.  In fact, my acne got worse when I first became vegan, especially when I ditched the prescription acne cream and became high-carb, low-fat (HCLF) vegan.

From what I have observed, my biggest acne triggers in the past year since transition to HCLF have been detox, stress, and pool chemicals (I teach swimming).  In my experience, the best way to treat acne is to find the cause and treat that, rather than the acne itself.  Detox was something I just waited out, stress is dealt with by taking as much time for myself as possible by getting enough sleep, exercising, and relaxing, and I avoid the pool as much as possible (without actually quitting my job).

A few months ago, I also started experimenting with face masks.  Much to my surprise, they have really helped!  Below are two very simple recipes for face masks, as well as a list of other useful vegan face mask ingredients to try.  Experiment and enjoy!

Face mask for acne:

Green tea is extremely anti-inflamitory, and rice flour is great for exfoliating.  It feels nice to use the face mask while the green tea is still warm, and it is more likely to do its job on your skin, but cold green tea will work too.

  • warm green tea
  • white rice flour
  1. Mix a couple tablespoons of each in a bowl to form a thick paste.  You will probably want more flour than liquid.
  2. Coat face with mixture (it will be very thick) and rest for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Rinse face with a scrubbing motion to exfoliate.
  4. Moisturize.

After pool face mask:

Pools are generally filled with harmful chemicals that leach healthy oils from skin and hair, causing them to dry out.  This face mask replenishes vitamins E and C with avocado and lemon juice, which will bring dry skin back to life.  It also works well as a hair mask!

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1-3 teaspoons lemon juice
  1. Mash avocado.
  2. Mix with lemon juice, using less if cuts or open pimples are present.
  3. Spread onto face and rinse off after about 10 minutes.

Other face mask ingredients:

Try coming up with your own combinations to find a mix that works well for you.  However, be careful about using any ingredients, especially essential oils, that you are unsure of or may be allergic to.  I have made this mistake before, and your face is not the place to take risks.

  • any citrus juice
  • banana
  • oats/oat flour
  • mashed kiwi
  • mashed strawberry
  • pureed cucumber
  • essential oils

In case you were wondering about the acne I have dealt with, here are some pictures of me before being vegan, during my acne’s worst, and now:

IMG_1725 IMG_2171 IMG_2654

I have never really had a clear face, but it’s getting better!

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